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* The Art Of Chip Carving; Award-Winning Designs (Barton, Wayne) 04/98 TRD
* Artistry In Chip Carving : A Lyrical Style (Schiffer Book For Woodcarvers) Vandall Stevens, Craig/ Congdon-Martin, Douglas 03/96 PAP
* The Beginner's Handbook Of Woodcarving; With Project Patterns For Line Carving, Relief Carving, Carving In The Round, And Bird Carving Beiderman, Charles/Johnston, William (Joint Author:Johnston, William) 12/88 TRD
* The Book Of Wood Carving; Technique, Designs, And Projects Sayers, Charles Marshall/Sayers, Charles M. 08/78 TRD
* Carousel Horse Carving; A Carver's Workbook Hughes, Ken 09/96 TRD
* Carving A Totem Pole Jensen, Vickie 04/96 HRD
* Carving And Painting A Black-Capped Chickadee Withernest Muehlmatt Badger, Curtis J. 04/97 TRD
* Carving And Painting A Green-Winged Teal With Jim Sprankle Badger, Curtis J.,Other:Sprankle, James D.) 04/98 TRD
* Carving And Painting A Red-Tailed Hawk With Floyd Scholz Badger, Curtis J. 09/97 TRD
* Carving And Whittling; The Swedish Style Ljungberg, Gert,Other:Aa Son-Ljungberg, Inger 05/98 TRD
* Carving Angels (Other:Stadelman, Kelley,Other:Congdon-Martin, Douglas) 09/95 TRD
* Carving Animal Caricatures Waltner, Elma 03/72 TRD
* Carving Animals In Wood Tangerman, E. J. 05/95 TRD
* Carving Birds And Beasts Woodcarving, Magazine 03/96 TRD
* Carving Birds In Wood Tangerman, E. J./Tangerman, Elmer J. 11/93 TRD
* Carving Birds Of Prey; With Patterns And Instructions For 12 Projects Hillman, Anthony 11/92 TRD
* Carving Caricature Animals; An Artistic Approach Hajny, Desiree 09/96 TRD
* Carving Characters Maxwell, Jim 01/95 TRD
* Carving Classic Swan And Goose Decoys; Ready-To-Use Templates For Making Reproductions Of 16 Antique Carvings Hillman, Anthony 12/87 TRD
* Carving Clowns And Circus Wagons Smith, Billy J. 05/93 TRD
* Carving Clowns; The History, Art And Crafts Of Clowns Maxwell, Jim (With:Maxwell, Margie) 11/95 TRD
* Carving Country Characters; Step-By-Step Instructions For 18 Projects Higginbotham, Bill/Higgingbotham, Bill 05/81 TRD
* Carving Decorative Eagles; Full-Size Patterns For 10 Projects Hillman, Anthony 05/89 TRD
* Carving Decorative Miniature Flying Ducks; With Patterns And Instructions For 16 Projects Hillman, Anthony 10/91 TRD
* Carving Ducks Decoys; With Full-Size Templates For Hollow Construction Shourds, Harry V./Hillman, Anthony (With:Hillman, Anthony) 06/84 TRD
* Carving Early American Weathervanes; 16 Decorative Projects Hillman, Anthony 11/86 TRD
* Carving Facial Expressions Norbury, Ian 09/97 TRD
* Carving Famous Antique Bird Decoys; Patterns And Instructions For Reproducing 16 Masterpieces From The Shelburne Museum Hillman, Anthony/Hillma, Anthony 11/88 TRD
* Carving Favorite Songbirds; Patterns And Instructions For 12 Life-Size Models Hillman, Anthony 04/89 TRD
* Carving Figure Caricatures In The Ozark Style Enlow, Harold L. 07/88 TRD
* Carving Figureheads And Other Nautical Designs Bridgewater, Alan (With:Bridgewater, Gill) 06/95 TRD
* Carving Hummingbirds; Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Realistic Hummingbirds From A Plain Piece. Solomon, Charles (With:Hamilton, David) 06/96 TRD
* Carving Kids Whillock, Ivan 01/95 TRD
* Carving Masks; Tribal, Ethnic And Folk Projects Bridgewater, Alan (With:Bridgewater, Gill) 08/96 TRD
* Carving Miniature Carousel Animals; Country Fair Style Reinhardt, Jerry 01/96 TRD
* Carving Miniature Shorebirds Hillman, Anthony 11/95 TRD
* Carving Miniature Wildfowl With Robert Guge Schroeder, Roger (Joint Author:Guge, Robert) 08/97 TRD
* The Carving Of Mount Rushmore Smith, Rex Allan/Smith, Rex A. 03/94 TRD
* Carving On Turning Pye, Chris 10/95 TRD
* Carving Ornamental Miniature Flying Birds; With Patterns And Instructions For 16 Projects Hillman, Anthony 06/91 TRD
* Carving Popular Birds; Patterns And Instructions For 12 Life-Size Models Hillman, Anthony 11/89 TRD
* Carving Realistic Birds Tippey, David 09/96 TRD
* Carving Realistic Birds; A Step-By-Step Manual With Full-Size Patterns Green, H. D. 06/89 TRD
* Carving Realistic Faces With Power Russell, Frank C. 09/93 PAP
* Carving Sharks Hillman, Anthony 09/96 TRD
* Carving Shorebirds; With Full-Size Patterns Shourds, Harry V./Hillman, Anthony (With:Hillman, Anthony) 05/82 TRD
* Carving Signs; Woodworker's Guide Schroeder, Roger (With:Krockta, Greg) 08/97 TRD
* Carving Small Animals; An Artistic Approach Hajny, Desiree 10/96 TRD
* Carving Spoons; Rediscovering A Classic Craft Adler, Shirley 10/97 TRD
* Carving Techniques And Projets VHS 11/86
* Carving The Cca Circus; Cartooning In Wood By America's Best Carvers Caricature Carvers of America 08/97 TRD
* Carving The Full Moon Saloon; The Art Of Caricature In Wood Caricature Carvers of America 08/95 TRD
* Carving Totem Poles And Masks Bridgewater, Alan/Bridgewater, Gill/Bridgewater, Alan 09/91 TRD
* Carving Traditional Fish Decoys; With Patterns And Instructions For 17 Projects Hillman, Anthony 04/93 TRD
* Carving Trophy Deer And Elk; A Technique, Painting, And Pattern Manual Swain, Todd 03/98 TRD
* Carving Tropical Birds Hillman, Anthony 06/95 TRD
* Carving Tropical Fish; With Patterns And Instructions For 16 Projects Hillman, Anthony 05/92 TRD
* Carving Water Birds; Patterns And Instructions For 12 Models Hillman, Anthony 12/90 TRD
* Carving Weathered Wood; Tips And Techniques For Award-Winning Carvings Bass, Gene/Portice, Jack (With:Portice, Jack) 09/95 TRD
* Carving Whales And Dolphins Hillman, Anthony 06/96 TRD
* Carving Wooden Critters Ernst, Diane 01/95 TRD
* Checkering & Carving Of Gunstocks Kennedy, Monty 01/52 HRD
* Chip Carving Patterns Barton, Wayne 04/90 TRD
* Chip Carving; Techniques And Patterns Barton, Wayne 10/84 TRD
* Classic Carving Patterns Irish, Lora S. 04/97 HRD
* Complete Guide To Wood Carving Tangerman, Elmer J. 12/84 TRD
* Cowtown Carving Prescott, Steve 01/95 TRD
* Creative Chip Carving Manning, Frank 01/84 TRD
* Creative Lettering Today; Calligraphy In The Graphic Arts, Drawing And Design, Digital Letterforms, Carving Letters In Stone A Harvey, Michael 05/96 TRD
* Custom Gunstock Carving Eck, Philip R. 02/95 HRD
* David Le Marchand, 1674-1726; "An Ingenious Man For Carving In Ivory" Avery, Charles 03/96 TRD
* Decorative Fish Carving Beyer, Rick 08/90 TRD
* Decoys; A Celebrations Of Contemporary Wildfowl Carving Aziz, Laurel/Aziz, Laura (Photographer:Sparks, Ernie) 09/94 HRD
* Early American Wood Carving Christensen, Erwin O. 01/90 TRD
* Easy Weekend Carving Projects; A Complete, Illustrated Manual Toney, Tina 03/97 TRD
* Fine Woodworking On Carving; 40 Articles Fine Woodworking (Editor:Fine Woodworking Magazine Editors) 10/86 TRD
* Fish Carving; An Introduction Berry, Bob 10/88 HRD
* Floral Wood Carving; Full-Size Patterns And Complete Instructions For 21 Projects Sutter, Mack 05/85 TRD
* Foxfire 4; Water Systems, Fiddle Making, Logging, Gardening, Sassafras Tea, Wood Carving, And Further Affairs O Wigginton, Eliot (Editor:Wigginton, Eliot) 11/77 TRD
* Free Form Chip Carving; 35 New Designs Ponte, Carol A. 03/97 TRD
* Fundamentals Of Figure Carving Norbury, Ian 12/96 HRD
* Game Bird Carving Burk, Bruce 04/88 HRD
* Glass Etching Two - Carving Techniques And Designs Oxley, Debra F. 01/94 PAP
* An Heirloom Santa : Carving And Painting Bolinger, Paul F./ Bolinger, Camille J./ Mcchesney, Pat (Pht) 01/97 PAP
* Hobo And Tramp Art Carving; An Authentic American Folk Tradition Vandertie, Adolph (With:Spielman, Patrick) 09/95 TRD
* The Hopi Approach To The Art Of Kachina Doll Carving Bromberg, Erik 11/86 PAP
* How To Sharpen Carving Tools; Woodcarving Step By Step Butz, Rick (Joint Author:Butz, Ellen) 03/97 TRD
* Just For Nice; Carving And Whittling Magic Of Southeastern Pennsylvania Machmer, Richard S. 01/91 HRD
* Leather Tooling And Carving Groneman, Chris H. 01/01 TRD
* Lelooska : The Traditional Art Of The Mask : Carving A Transformation Mask Lelooska 11/96 PAP
* Manual Of Traditional Wood Carving Hasluck, Paul N. 07/80 TRD
* New And Traditional Styles Of Chip Carving; From Classic To Positive Imaging Barton, Wayne 05/94 TRD
* Pattern Book For Carving Fish; A How-To Book For Carving Game Fish McGray, Brian E. 01/95 TRD
* Patterns And Instructions For Carving Authentic Birds Green, H. D. 01/01 TRD
* Power Carving Santas With Tom Wolfe (Schiffer Book For Woodcarvers) Wolfe, Tom/ Snyder, Jeffrey B. (Pht) 06/97 PAP
* Realism In Wood; Detailed Patterns And Instructions For Carving 22 Different Birds And Animals Lehman, George 09/91 TRD
* Realistic Duck Carving; A Step-By-Step Illustrated Manual Ponte, Alfred M. 08/97 TRD
* Relief Carving Treasury Judt, W. F. 03/98 TRD
* Rock Sculpture; The Joy Of Stone Carving For Beginners (Other:Stage, Violet L.) 12/87 TRD
* Santa Carving Bowman, Myron 09/96 TRD
* Santas And Snowmen; Carving For Christmas Toney, Tina 08/97 TRD
* Skiing And The Art Of Carving Foster, Ellen Post 10/97 TRD
* Songbird Carving Ii Daisey, Rosalyn Leach 02/88 TRD
* Songbird Carving With Ernest Muehlmatt; World Class Ribbon Winner Teaches You How To Carve And Paint Ten Favorite Schroeder, Roger (Joint Author:Muehlmatt, Ernest) 02/93 TRD
* Start A Craft: Wood Carving Berry, P. 08/96 HRD
* Tuscan Marble Carving 1250-1350 : Sculpture And Civic Pride Ames-Lewis, Francis 11/97 TRD
* Waterfowl Carving With J. D. Sprankle; The Fully Illustrated Reference To Carving And Painting 25 Decorative Ducks Schroeder, Roger (Joint Author:Sprankle, James D.) 01/95 TRD
* Wildfowl Carving; Essential Techniques For Carving, Texturing And Painting Wildfowl Pearce, Jim 08/95 TRD
* Wildfowl Carving; Power Tools And Painting Techniques Pearce, Jim 08/96 TRD
* Wood Carving Time-Life Books 12/95 HRD
* A Woodcarver's Workbook; Carving Animals With Mary Duke Guldan Guldan, Mary D. 11/92 TRD
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