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Welcome to my Useful & Interesting Sites

Last updated Fri Oct 12 2001, 04:09 AM EDT.

red ball image Search Tools

red ball image My Business Resources

UPS Rate calculator
AT&T 800 DIR.
PC Quote, Inc. Home Page
Forests of Trees
Forestry information
Curtis Lumber
FedWorld Home Page
The Hardwood Store, New Carlisle, OH.
Sliter Ace Hardware Lumber & Building materials
Short & Paulk Supply Company
Books That Work, Span calculator for lumber.

red ball image Software Sources

Software Info/Support Sites This is the same Monster list as above.
Schaft's Stone Soup Kitchen & Security.
EPAC Electronic Publishing And Communication. Great information about Alaska here too.
SimTel,The Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
Welcome to CICA's WWW Server
CICA PC/Windows Archive
The Web Developer's Journal
Welcome to Netscape!
Microsoft's Advanced Tech. div.
Spyglass Inc.

red ball image Government Sources

FedWorld Home Page
NASA Information by Subject
Gateway to Antarctica-Home Page
Life from the Antarctic

red ball image House of Representatives

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
U.S. House of Representatives - Listing of all Information
U.S. House Of Representatives - Home Page
U.S. House Of Representatives - Schedules

red ball image Military Sources

Newest Fed. Internet Ser.
DOD home page
Navy home page
Submarine Base Bangor,Wa. Wow It's back online! Some great photos.

red ball image Service Providers

Oz Net, Seattle & Kitsap Co.
BEST Internet
Sprint, Sprintlink
Tscnet, Silverdale,Wa.
Telebyte NW, Seattle & Kitsap Co.
Seattle Pub. Acc. Net

red ball image Fun Stuff

Mt Ruapehu Live, Possible eruptions.
Seattle Mariners Home Plate
Wired web
Steve's Humor Archives
Confession Booth
MurpleWeb: Weird Stuff
Yahoo - A Guide to WWW
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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