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* Avoiding or Minimizing Construction Litigation (The Construction Law Library) Jonathan J. Sweet 12/93 Paper Bk
* Basic Construction Management : The Superintendent's Job [special order] Leon Rogers 2/99 Paper Bk, 4th Ed.
* Construction Accounting And Financial Management Coombs, William E. (With:Smith, Mark A.,With:Palmer, William J.) 09/94 HRD
* Construction Management; Law And Practice Wickwire, Jon M. (With:Loulakis, Michael C.,With:Berry, Mark R.) 04/95 HRD
* Construction Methods And Management Nunnally, Stephens W. 06/97 HRD
* Construction Project Management Sears, Glenn/Sears, Glenn A./Clough, Richard H. 10/91 HRD
* Construction Project Management; Planning And Scheduling Naylor, Henry W. 01/95 HRD
* Construction Project Management; Planning And Scheduling Burns, Thomas (Editor:Naylor, Henry F.) 01/95 TRD
* Construction Safety Management Levitt, Raymond Elliot/Levitt, Raymond E. (With:Samuelson, Nancy Morse) 10/93 HRD
* Cpm In Construction Management O'Brien, James/O'Brien, James J. 01/93 HRD
* Educational Management In Latin America : Construction And Reconstruction Of Knowledge (Coleccion Interamer, No. 57.) Sander, Benno 02/96 PAP
* Financial And Cost Concepts For Construction Management Halpin, Daniel/Halpin, Daniel W. 03/85 HRD
* Illustrated Guide To Landscape Design, Construction, & Management Pierceall, Gregory M. 12/97 TRD
* Major Construction Works; Contractual And Financial Management Potts, Keith 03/96 TRD
* Management Techniques Applied To The Construction Industry Oxley, R. (With:Poskitt, R.) 09/96 TRD
* Modern Construction Management Harris, F. (Editor:McCaffer, J. M.) 08/95 TRD
* The Practice Of Construction Management Fryer, Barry 02/97 TRD
* Professional Construction Management; Including Cm, Design-Construct, And General Contracting Barrie, Donald S. (With:Paulson, Boyd C.) 09/91 HRD
* Project Management For Construction; Fundamental Concepts For Owners, Engineers, Architects, And Builders Hendrickson, Chris 01/89 HRD
* Project Management In Construction Walker, Anthony 07/96 TRD
* Project Management; Techniques In Planning And Controlling Construction Projects Ahuja, Hira N. 05/94 HRD
* Subsurface Conditions; Risk Management For Design And Construction Management Professionals (Editor:Hatem, David J.,Other:Hatem, David) 11/97 HRD
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